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Google API 方式制作饼状图

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URL: http://chart.apis.google.com/chart?cht=p3&chs=250x100&chd=t:60,40&chl=Hello%7CWorld



This is the base URL for all chart requests. (However, seeImproving Performance on Pages with Many Charts below for an optional variation for pages with multiple charts.)cht=p3The chart type: here, a 3D pie chart.chs=250x100The chart size (width xheight), in pixels. See the maximum valueshere.chd=t:60,40The chart data. This data is in simple text format, but there areother formats.chl=Hello|WorldTheslice labels.&Parameters are separated by an ampersand.Note: When embedding an URL in HTML, for example as thesrc attribute of an tag, you should replace the& between parameters with the characters& This includes when you generate page HTML with PHP or some other language. However, when typing a URL in the browser, or whencalling a URL in code, for example when fetching a URL in PHP or Perl, you should use the& mark.